Does Fruit Make You Fat?

Hi there groovers, here's a question I get asked a lot.

It's Weight Loss Wednesday, this is Kaz TV… I'm Kaz and I'm baaack!

Does fruit make you fat? Everyone tells me to eat fruit and lots of it…

When hubby Steve and I were losing weight this one issue confused the crap out of us to the point of almost giving up (confusion + lack of progress = lots of pain… that's why I'm here to get rid of your confusion, create massive progress and remove your pain!) We heard that eating fruit was they way to go so we started eating a piece of fruit with every meal… the results… we put on weight… What the heck was going on?!!

Don't get me wrong. Fruit is an excellent healthy food but it is very high in sugar. As we know high blood sugar levels stop fat burning. Too much fruit, or when eaten at the wrong times will slow/stop your weight loss unless you are doing A LOT of cardio… and who wants to do hours of cardio when its not needed?!

My belief has always been 'Lose Weight, then get fit'. I have am ep. of Kaz TV coming out where I will discuss this in more detail… body science has come a long way in understanding how our bodies best burn fat.

I recommend that during your weight loss phase, you control the fruit you eat, only eat for breakfast with a protein and limit the portion size.

Girls, weight loss is all about controlling your blood sugar levels and keeping your body in the fat burning zone. Keep an eye out for my soon-to-be-released video on this. (Sign up for my email hint/tips and updates… it's a free-B!)

In this ep. I cover why eating fruit can lead to weight gain and what to do about it.

Kaz discusses great ways to lose weight

So, does fruit make you fat? Be careful… it can, and it does if you dont understand why and what to do about it.

This one is a tad counter intuitive (and I am sure we will get some interesting comments). If you want me to go into more detail leave a comment. If you've experienced the same thing tell us about it.

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Think Thin girls!

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