Should I Take Duromine?

Today I’m going to talk about the weight loss drug, Duromine.

Hey girls, it’s Kaz from Kaz TV and i’ve been asked a lot lately about this weight loss drug…

Should I take Duromine?

This drug boasts that it suppresses appetite and helps with weight loss, but it also says that it has an ingredient that can have the same side effects as speed.  

Watch this weeks episode as I discuss this weight loss drug, and as usual have a little laugh too!  Get the answer to your burning question “Should I take duromine?”

This is a pretty nasty weight loss drug that is regularly abused with terrible results.

The awful side effects include restlessness, insomnia, agitation, increased heart rate, headaches, increased blood pressure, dry mouth, and vomiting.

The Eating Disorders Association of Queensland has stated that the use of Duromine has resulted in some seriously bad outcomes for people who were struggling with their weight.

With this drug, you also need to be on a calorie-controlled diet and do exercise, so seriously guys, why would you take this drug?

I can’t understand why people would take these weight loss drugs when there’s programs out there like mine that include good, healthy food and give you lifelong results.

Come on, girls… Should I take duromine?… no way… Weight loss is about being healthy.

Don’t do it with a pill.

Don’t fall for quick fixes.

It’ll only result in you putting the weight back on.

You deserve better than that, so pick a program, like mine, that’s got good, healthy food that’ll help you lose weight quickly and keep it off forever.

Stay away from the pills, and if you liked this video, like it.

What have you heard about Duromine?  Comment below.

That’s it from Kaz TV.  I’ll see you next week where I talk all about food cravings.

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10 Fabulous Responses

  1. On May 21, 2014 Mimmi said

    I have a friend who was using Duromine. She had most of those symptoms, the dry mouth was terrible for her. Best to stay away.

  2. On May 21, 2014 Susan said

    My sister went on Duromine at the same time as I started your 12 week program. I lost more than she did, I became healthy and have kept the weight off… she has put it all back on. The side effects were really nasty to see too.

    1. On May 21, 2014 Kaz said

      It can be nasty stuff Susan. Well done for going healthy. Healthy lasts forever! – Kaz xx

  3. On May 21, 2014 Sherika said

    My doctor is pretty adament on this… leave it alone.

  4. On May 21, 2014 Sonja said

    Thanks Kaz. I stumbled on this post as I was thinking about duromine. Can you tell me about your program? I do want to lose weight but want to be healthy too. Thanks.

    1. On June 4, 2014 Kaz said

      Hi Sonja… welcome to the ‘club’! Take a look at for some more info. We are the fastest growing community of Aussie women losing weight… using real food and minimal exercise. It works… just read the comments on this site. Email me your phone number and we can have a chat… i’m here to help you girl! – Kaz xx

  5. On May 26, 2014 Alex said

    So true Kaz… weight loss is all about getting healthy… why take drugs to get healthy??!!

  6. On May 29, 2014 Christine said

    1st comment ever! Kaz… you rock girl. Lost 4 kgs in 2 weeks on Lose A Dress Size. No weight loss drugs needed.

    1. On June 4, 2014 Kaz said

      4kgs in 2 weeks… how easy is it Christine! Good on you girl. Well on your way to achieve your 6kg goal… I bet you lose more than 6kgs in 4 weeks! 😉 Proud of you. Kaz xx

  7. On June 4, 2014 Drusilla said

    I used duromine for a while and it made me feel terrible. Then I found Kaz and her real food makes me feel amazing and the weight is just falling off. Thanks so much Kaz.

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