Rethink Sugary Drink – Are You Drinking Yourself Fat?

OMG!  I feel sick.

I watched this video just after lunch.

I’ll warn you… it is pretty gross, but you MUST watch it.  It is good for you to know this.

Right now I am on holidays at Coolum Beach in QLD.  A hidden paradise.  A sleepy coastal part of our gorgeous coast line.  I’m eating clean, exercising daily, spending amazing time with my family and friends.  I too love the occasional soft drink.  After watching this video I might make it even less occasional!

Marketing companies are making us fat.  We are being sold messages that these drinks are OK to drink.  Girls, if you didn’t know already… soft drinks are poison, energy drinks are ‘carbs-in-a-can’.  Drink them regularly and they will make you fat.  Regularly is probably less regularly than you think.

According to the Australian Cancer Council website even ‘Vitamin Water – Essential Flavour’ has 5.49 grams of sugar… IN WATER?  What the?  Why add sugar to water?  Profits… that’s why.

Anyhooo… watch this vid and remember it next time you are choosing a soft drink or water

A special thanks to great Aussie website Low Carb Central for telling me about this video.

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3 Fabulous Responses

  1. On March 19, 2014 Rachel said

    That is just scary. What are we putting into our bodies??

    Time this body changes. Another great tip thanks Kaz. xx

  2. On March 19, 2014 Renee said

    Disgusting. You just ruined me ever liking a glass of coke again! THANKYOU! 😉 That last scene made my stomach churn. Love Kaz TV!

  3. On March 19, 2014 Cathy said

    GROSS. Seriously. That is so bad. Even Vitamin Water. I’m off to the tap for a glass of plain old water.
    Cath xx

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