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#1 Weight Loss Secret Revealed!

Hi girls, we had a lot of fun (and cheeky chocolate!) making this episode. You're going to have a chuckle. This week I expose the #1 weight loss secret. This secret is often not taught on weight loss programs because it is the key to life long weight loss (they don't want you to know Keep Reading>>

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The Secret Thought Stopping Trick

Today I will reveal one of my most powerful tricks or life tools to you. They say a magician should never reveal their tricks… its a good thing I’m not a magician ‘eh! Girl, this life tool is a superpower that we all have but sadly most never use. All of the super successful people Keep Reading>>

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How To Say No Thanks To A Friend Carrying Cake

We all have friends who mean well. We love them dearly, but when that friend keeps popping in for a coffee and brings a yummy cake (even though she knows you are losing weight), there comes a time when you have to say NO! Saying NO to a close friend can be tricky as you Keep Reading>>

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