5 Tips How To Stop Sugar Cravings

Do you get mid afternoon cravings?

Do those mean chocolate bars start calling your name?

Hi, it's Kaz here from KazTV.

Well, don’t fear, here's my 5 tips on how to stop sugar cravings.

We've all suffered through that afternoon craving for something like a cupcake or a chocolate bar, haven't we? Those sugar cravings have got a lot to answer for.  They're the downfall for so many people falling off the wagon of their weight loss program.

So Kaz, how do I beat those sugar cravings?

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Tip One:  Say no to the low fat or no fat items in the supermarket. When they take the fat of these low fat or no fat products, they add a lot of sugar to replace the flavour.

Tip Two:  Don't add any artificial sweeteners to any of your food or drinks. The artificial sweeteners trick the brain into thinking that they've had a whole lot of calories. When it doesn't get the calories, it then sends more messages back saying that you want more. Hence, you get the cravings again.

Tip Three:  Go for a walk. The endorphins that are released when you go for a walk give you that well-being feeling which is similar to having a bit of chocolate.

Kaz Tv - Specific diet plan for womenIf you eat less carbs and eat more protein,

it'll stop sugar cravings.

Tip Four: Have a serving of protein with your meals and your snacks, it will give you a full feeling as well as keep your blood sugar levels stable and it stops those cravings.

Tip Five:  Drop the simple carbs. Drop them right on their head!  The more simple carbs you have in your diet, the more it plays havoc on your blood sugar levels, which causes those terrible cravings. If you eat less carbs and eat more protein, it'll put a stop to those sugar cravings. It'll make you feel full and satisfied while you're losing weight.

There's no need to suffer through those afternoon cravings.

Follow my five steps and you'll be kicking the cravings and staying on track for your great body!

That's it from me, Kaz on KazTV.

If you like it, like it below!  Comment and tell me do you suffer from those afternoon sugar cravings?

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