How To Lose Weight Quick

I've got 5 easy tips to KICK START your weight loss NOW!

Hi, it's Kaz here from KAZTV.

The question today is "How To Lose Weight Quick".

So your looking to lose some weight quickly?  Have you got a wedding or an event to go to and you don't know if you're going to be able to squeeze into that dress? Are your jeans getting too tight, causing the muffin top to spill out over the top?

Quick weight loss is now quite simple, and healthy.  I help hundreds of ladies fit into their favourite dress at the last minute (well, give me 4 weeks!) 😉

Being a specialist in rapid weight loss I get ask this question a lot (of course!).  To get you started on your quick journey I have put this episode together… 5 tips for quick weight loss.  You can start each tip right now.  Enjoy.  By the way… my program 'Lose A Dress Size In 4 Weeks' is the only thorough weight loss experience… I give you everything you need to achieve your goal… I'll even hold your hand through the process.

Here's Kaz's five tips to for quick weight loss to stick on your fridge.

Watch Kaz's latest video xx

Sound familiar?  There are loads of diets out there that claim to help you lose weight fast but don't be fooled into going for the shakes, or bars, or pills, or copious amounts of exercise. You want a healthy way to that's easy to stick to, that will keep the weight off, but is still quick.

So there are my five tips on how to lose weight quick (ly!). Now, of course, if you want more help, or you want a step by step program, pop over to my website and join me on how to lose a dress size in four weeks. It's awesome.


That's it today from KAZ TV,  if you like it, like it and comment below and tell me. Do you want to lose quickly?

How To Lose Weight Quick

P.S.  Here is the link to my ep on sleep.  (Well worth watching) x  Click Here To Watch


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25 Fabulous Responses

  1. On June 14, 2014 Mini said

    I love bread but I know it is not great for me. Time to change. Kaz TV rocks!

  2. On June 14, 2014 Millie said

    Great ep Kaz.xx

  3. On June 14, 2014 Nicholle said

    Youre looking great Kaz. A true inspiration, I know you have kids and a busy life and you really practise what you preach. Keep up the great work

  4. On June 14, 2014 Cheryl said

    Water and elderflower… im addicted!

  5. On June 14, 2014 Kirsty said

    Hubby and I took the TV out the bedroom. Now we go to bed and go to sleep. Made such a difference

  6. On June 15, 2014 Carlotta said

    Where do I find your dress size product Kaz? Carlotta

  7. On June 15, 2014 Carol said

    Who doesn’t want to lose weight quick?!! I DOOOO!

  8. On June 15, 2014 Antonetta said

    I got my IT guys to change my printer so it prints to one on the other side of the floor. Now I get mooooving just picking up reports! X

  9. On June 15, 2014 Judy said

    We have started a walking group at lunchtime at work. My team and I walk for 30mins every day now. If it rains we walk in the shopping center.

  10. On June 15, 2014 Kirsty said

    Kaz, I used your videos to convince my boss to get two walking machines in a spare office. They are do popular… some of the people here hop on when they are on a conference call… very hollywood!

  11. On June 15, 2014 Kirsty said

    Thanks Kaz

  12. On June 16, 2014 Jade said

    Cant help but feel great after watching your videos Kaz. Thanks heaps.

  13. On June 16, 2014 Tanja said

    Potatoes and bread no more. I havent eaten them since watching this, plus getting more sleep now and Ive already dropped 1.5kgs. Amazing. Feeling so much better… more evergy. Kaz, youre the best.

  14. On June 16, 2014 Christine said

    I got your tip about parking away from the supermarket front door… I always get a park and I get more natural exercise it. It really does make a difference.

  15. On June 17, 2014 Lynne said

    Oh yeah, who remembers a good night sleep… like when you were a teenager. OMG I need a sleep so bad!

  16. On June 17, 2014 Luetta said

    Thanks KAz

  17. On June 17, 2014 Mimmi said

    Oh yeah, bread is your enemy. Thanks Kaz.

  18. On June 17, 2014 Millie said

    Ladies, Kaz is the real deal. No BS here. Ive lost 21.7 kilos of fat thanks to her. I lost it in 19 weeks. My family now eat properly, my kids will never worry about their weight. We all love Kaz. THANKS SOOOO MUCH! Millie

  19. On June 17, 2014 Laverna said

    Who loves roast poatoes? I do, but they make me feel sooo bloated. Time to rethink.

  20. On June 17, 2014 Sha said

    Tip #1 – So true. A friend cut out bread and lost 20kgs in 2 months! She was eating so much bread… wiuth salad and thought it was healthy. Great tips Kaz… looking great sweetie.

  21. On June 17, 2014 Myrtice said

    I bought a Soda Stream to add some Zing! Fizz it up then squeeze some lemon juice in. Stay clear of their flavours (sugar!). On my day off I sometimes fizz up a chardy too! Hehe!

  22. On June 17, 2014 Luvenia said

    Hi Myrtice Great idea. Where did you get your sodastream?

  23. On June 17, 2014 Vella said

    Thanks… Vella

  24. On June 17, 2014 Mathilde said

    Lost 4 kilos since you published this! Woo hoo.

  25. On June 17, 2014 Sharilyn said

    Well done Mathilde. What program you doing?

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