How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Do you want to learn how to lose belly fat fast?

This is not recommended if you are still breast feeding.

Do you want to learn how to lose your post pregy belly?

Come with me and I'll tell you how.

Hey girls, this is Kaz here from KazTV.

I get a lot of ladies coming to me quite specifically wanting to lose fat from their belly.  You know that post pregy belly that you just can't get rid of?  (Psst… I know it might have been there for a few years!)

Excess belly fat increases our risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer.  It could also be a really big factor in developing type 2 diabetes.  So the idea of getting rid of belly fat is a great idea.  However, it can be difficult to target specific areas on your body.

When you're losing weight you'll lose weight all over, which is fantastic.  However, to target that belly fat, make sure you're getting enough of the following food.

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First… stop eating  non starchy vegetables.

Make sure you have a large serve of your veggies with every main meal. Not only are they full of vitamins and minerals, which will help you feel better and are good for your health, but they are also a diuretic and they are full of fiber which helps with that slimming effect and the less bloatedness.

Next is kale and spinach.

Yes, I know they are veggies but they are such good veggies they are super veggies.

Kale and spinach are so packed full of nutrients that they will boost your fat burning.  Give them a try, you'll be surprised.


Protein is so so so good for losing that belly fat.

What you need to do is have a serve of lean protein with every meal and every snack to kick your body into the fat burning mode.

So the three key foods for burning that fat belly are veggies,

super dooper foods kale and spinach,

and of course protein.


They will help your body get into the fat burning mode and get rid of that pregy belly forever. Yay!

Watch some of my other episode of Kaz TV for more info on how to lose belly fat fast.

That's it from KazTV for this week and as usual if you like it, like it, and comment below.

Do you want to get rid of that pregy belly forever?

… and always drink lots of water.

How To Lose Weight Quick - Kaz TV



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    Im going for a walk each lunch time now.

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    Thanks Kaz

  4. On September 5, 2014 Wendy said

    I implemented a lot of what you have said over the past few months. I have lost 8 kilos. I am feeling so confident now. THANK YOU SWEETIE

  5. On September 5, 2014 Charlotte said

    Walking every lunchtime and its working.

  6. On September 7, 2014 Anabelle said

    Belly be gone!

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    I have just finished the 12 week program… No more belly fat for me. 14.3 kilos gone! Feeling on top of the world.

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    greap post Kaz

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    I hate my belly but it seems to love me as it wont leave me alone. Time to say good bye belly

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