How To Get Back Into Your Routine (Simple Step By Step Guide)

So you've fallen out of your routine?  Don't panic.  Here is my step by step guide on…

How To Get Back Into Your Routine

School holidays are over and it's time to get back into your routine.

Hey guys, it's Kaz from Kaz TV.

Get Your Calendar Out

Now, the first thing I want you to do is go and get your calendar out.  It can be an online version, say for example on your phone or on the computer, or it can be an old fashioned paper version.  It doesn't matter, whatever works for you.

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Write Down All The Things That Are Permanent In Your Life

I want you to do is write down all the things that are permanent in your life.  School drop-offs, school pick-ups, work schedules of both you and your partner, any appointments, any school after activities put them all in the diary and then you'll have a clear idea of when you do have a little bit spare time.

Schedule In Some Time For You And For The Things That You Need To Do To Keep Yourself Healthy

Now it's time to schedule in some time for you and for the things that you need to do to keep yourself healthy.

What I want you to do is put in the things that you need to do to keep yourself healthy.  You need time to go and do the food shopping, I like to do that on a Sunday afternoon and then I've got some time to do some prep work so I'm all sorted for the week.

Organize Some Time To Get Moving

Next up, organize some time to get moving.  Whether it's time to go to the gym or whether it's time to go for a walk, it doesn't matter but make it realistic.  If you put in the diary that you're going to get up at 5:00 AM every morning, it ain't going to happen.  If you can schedule in a 20 minute walk every day that is much more likely to happen.

Schedule it all in, go and do it now.

As I said take it one step at a time

As I said take it one step at a time, get your calendar out and start scheduling, it'll make the world of difference to getting things done.

That's it from me, from Kaz TV.

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