Healthy Fast Food Thats Cheap

Hey, girls!

Help, I'm away on holidays and I have nothing for lunch.

I need Healthy Fast Food Thats Cheap

What am I going to do?

It's Kaz from Kaz Tv!  Hey girls, so as you can tell I'm on beautiful holidays at the moment, but I was stuck today without any lunch.

So what did I do?

Watch Kaz's latest video xx

I just popped down to Coles and you know what?  They've got this new product that I'm so excited about.  You know how you can go in and get a whole cooked chicken?  

Well you can now go in and get a piece of cooked roast beef.

How awesome is that?

Now, it's obviously not a whole cow cause what the hell would you do with a whole cow? Mooooo!  So of course you get a piece of beef.  So what we did today was we got a piece of beef that only cost $12.00, and it fed six of us for lunch.. (and again the next day) Six people for lunch and I still had some left over for some snacks.

How awesome is that?  Chop up a little bit of salad and there's your lunch. What? Quick and simple!

I hope this helped you with some quick and simple meals for the school holidays.

So there you have it… healthy fast food thats cheap and the whole family will love.

So if you like it, like it below and comment and tell me how are your school holidays going?

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