Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs. What are they?

Have you heard all the hype that carbs are bad for you?

Well, which carbs are bad for you?

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs.  What are good carbs and what are bad carbs?  

Well, let me explain.

Hi, it’s Kaz here from Kaz TV. If you’ve been googling all about diet and nutrition, I’m sure you’ve come across the fact that carbs are your enemy.

Carbs aren’t your enemy.  You’ve just got to know what are good carbs and what are bad carbs.

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As a general rule, it’s not the carbs that are bad for you.  It’s the crap that’s bad for you.

So what are the bad carbs?

The bad carbs are your simple carbohydrates, so your white breads, your pasta, your rice, your potatoes, and also your processed and packaged foods.  They are the enemy.

Processed and packaged foods are full of chemicals and sugar and processed crap.  Excess bad carbs in your diet will be converted into fat and then stored… stored in all those places that you don’t want it to be stored.

Kaz, tell me about the good carbs.

Where are the good carbs?  These good carbs are called complex carbs and they can be found in vegetables, mainly in your green leafy vegetables. They’re your best source of good carbohydrates. These veggies are your best sources of complex carbohydrates. They’re full of fiber which aids in digestion.  It also helps lower your cholesterol and it also helps shift all that fat that you want to get of.  Go veggies!

Now you know the difference between good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates.  Stay away from the bad carbohydrates and processed crap food.  Eat lots of good complex carbohydrates, not simple carbohydrates, eat complex carbohydrates like vegetables and green leafy vegetables. They’re your best options for staying healthy and losing weight.

Well that’s it from me from Kaz TV and if you like it, like it below and let’s have the conversation starting. Are you going to cut the crap from your diet?

So, good carbs vs bad carbs.  Complex carbohydrates vs simple carbohydrates… remember to always go for the complex.

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