Do Protein Shakes Really Help You Lose Weight?

It used to only be body builders that used to down these protein powders, but now they're everywhere.  Protein shakes are now being promoted as a quick fix for women who want to lose weight. This raises the question…

Do Protein Shakes Really Help You Lose Weight?

People are using these protein shakes as a meal replacement once or twice a day instead of having meals.

Many manufacturers of protein shakes claim that their products will reduce fat and help you lose weight, but protein shakes aren't necessarily the magic bullet for permanent weight loss.

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Replacing your meals with protein shakes may reduce the amount of calories that you take during the day, but you also could be missing our on many nutritional values from your whole foods.  Since protein shakes actually contain calories in them as well, you have to make sure that you're modifying your diet. Otherwise, you'll actually be putting on weight.

To be honest, meal replacement shakes can actually help you lose weight, but will it make it a healthier you?

Protein shakes aren't necessarily bad for you, but they don't contain the necessary nutrients you need for long lasting permanent weight loss.

"They Don't Contain The Necessary Nutrients

You Need For Long Lasting Permanent Weight Loss."

Drinking meal replacements is not sustainable.

Can you imagine drinking meal replacement twice a day for the rest of your life?  I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong.  The occasional protein shake in the morning for breakfast with some berries and some other whole foods is good, and that's fine.

But… the key to lasting long term, permanent, weight loss is to eat whole foods, having the right foods at the right times with lots of nutrients that will keep you healthy, as well as lose weight.  It is much better to bring the right nutrients and the right foods, the real foods into our bodies.

Having nice lean proteins, good healthy vegetables, and having the right combinations at the right times, is the best way to make your body healthy, get it back to its right weight and to keep it off for life.  After all, that's what our bodies are meant to eat.

So… do protein shakes really help you lose weight?  They can, but it will be very hard to keep the weight off and they arent the best way to do so.  Nature has given us everything we need to lose weight naturally… and my programs make it easy and healthy!

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    Yet another awesome post, thanks Kaz

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    So many companies are promoting these shakes as meal replacements… Who wants to drink a meal?? Yuck.

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    I do have protein powder on my weetbix!! Yummo.

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    Food is for eating, not drinking.

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    I have used protein shakes in an emergency, and they do slow the results when compared to real protein sources

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    The odd one here and there is ok, just dont make them part of your nutrician plan!

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