Kaz’s Christmas Survival Guide Part ONE of Three (Sorry… I sing in this one!)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Survival Guide Part One.  Hi girls, it’s Kaz here again and it’s Christmas time… or nearly Christmas… so I thought I’d bring together a few videos for you on how to survive the silly season.

Yaay, it’s Christmas Day and you want to have a great time.

Of course, we all want to have a good time but the key to success on Christmas Day is keeping everything in moderation.  Sure, have a mince pie but cut it in half and just have a little bit at a time.  You’ll get no more enjoyment by only having a small amount than if you had the whole thing. (trust me… this is a weight loss mind trick that kicks butt)…

Keeping hydrated is really important too.  Make sure you drink lots of water.

Now if you do decide to have a drink of alcohol or champagne (my friends call me the champagne queen!), just have a small amount.  Don’t go crazy, it’s having fun that’s important.  Have a small amount but drink lots of water in between.  The key is to keep it in moderation but to have a really good time.

Stay tuned for part 2… you’ll love what I get up to!

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One Response So Far...

  1. On March 19, 2014 Mel said

    So true. I tried it and it works. You really cant remember the taste 1 minute after you have finished so why eat it all???

    ok, ok,… Im off to drink my xmas water!

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