7 Tips To Fit Back In Your Jeans

Are you having trouble getting back into your skinny jeans? Hi, it's Kaz from KazTV.

Are you finding you can't get them over your knees?? or are you getting that severe muffin top??

Don't worry. I've got 7 Tips To Fit Back In Your Jeans!

Number one:

Drink loads of water. Stop drinking the juices and the soft drinks. They're full of sugar. Drink water. It contains no calories and no sugar. Water makes you feel fuller for longer. It hydrates you and it starts to detox your body and gets rid of all those toxins and the crap.

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Number Two:

Watch your portion sizes. When I was a porky, I used to have all sorts of problems with my portion sizes. As a rule, have 100 grams of protein for your main meals and 50 to 100 grams of proteins for your snacks, then load up on loads of non-starchy vegetables to keep you full.

Number Three:

Make sure you include some good fats in your diet like your Omega 3's. Good fats come from sources like your deep sea fish like your salmon and your mackerel and your tuna, also from avocado, coconut oil and a small amount of nuts and seeds.

How To Get Back Into Your RoutineNumber Four:

Replace your simple carbs like your pasta, rice, potatoes and breads with some vegetables on your main meals.
For example, instead of having a chicken sandwich, have a chicken salad. Instead of having beef and rice, have beef stew with vegetables. So easy.

Number Five

Don't starve yourself. In fact, many people who are trying to lose weight don't actually eat enough food. Go figure. Fill yourself up on some good proteins, some healthy vegetables and some good fats.

Number Six

Allow your brain and your body some time to enjoy the meal and time to feel full.
Make sure you set aside some time for your meal time.

Number Seven

Sleep is designed to restore your body and to reboot your system.

There you go girls, those seven tips should help you started on getting you back into those skinny jeans.

If you need some more help, pop over to Quick and Simple Weight Loss and we can give you extra help.

That's it from KazTV.

I look forward to seeing you next time.

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Make sure you follow the above 7 Tips To Fit Back In Your Jeans, and you'll be rocking those old fav's before you know it.

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