5 Unusual Tips To Survive Easter And Remain On Your Program

It’s Easter, how will I survive?

It’s Weight Loss Wednesday!

We’ve just arrived on our holiday at the gorgeous beach, but before I hit the beach with the kids, I wanted to put this quick video together for you on how to survive Easter and remain on your program. It’s Kaz here from Kaz TV.

Holidays can put a real strain on your healthy eating plan.

There’s temptation everywhere – hot cross buns, Easter eggs, but this is what you can do to survive the Easter program.

ONE | I’ve talked before about finding your why. Remember what your why is, what your compelling reason that you want to lose weight. Now’s the time to put that into practice and to remember those reasons.

If you want to know more about your why, have a look at this episode.

TWO | Switch your mind and your actions away from food at Easter time.

Easter’s not about chocolate and hot cross buns. It’s all about spending time with your family, time with your kids.

Get out those craft activities and make some tie-dyed Easter eggs. Paint them, decorate them, have some fun with the kids. That’s what Easter’s all about.

THREE | Plan to make some time to do things that make you feel good, whether it’s spending time with your family and friend, whether it’s going for a walk on your own, or whether it’s to go for a pampering session.

Whatever it is, do something that makes you feel good.

FOUR | Being prepared is really important. Now I know I go on about being prepared, but it really is the key to success. If you prepare and plan your meals and snacks, you’re less likely to go off track. Now if you do go off track, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you get straight back on track.

FIVE | Now I’ve saved the best one to last. Your dream day is on a Sunday, Easter Sunday. Forget the green smoothies, go the chocolate Easter eggs.

Have a great Easter and enjoy.  You now know how to survive Easter and remain on your program.  Have fun with your friends, have fun with your family and have a bit of chocolate.

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I’m Kaz from Kaz TV and I’ll see you next week at Weight Loss Wednesday.

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17 Fabulous Responses

  1. On April 18, 2014 Joya said

    Four is so right. Trying to get the food ready last minute just leads to disaster… I just eat whatever is there… usually chips.

  2. On April 19, 2014 Taryn said

    Happy Easter Kaz. Xx

  3. On April 20, 2014 Oretha said

    Oh #3 is for me… been a looong week.

    1. On May 9, 2014 Kaz said

      Rest up Oretha. You deserve a lovely break with your family. Kaz xx

  4. On April 20, 2014 Kayleen said

    Have a great and safe Easter Kaz. Thanks for all the amazing help.

  5. On April 21, 2014 Annice said

    You are my two minutes of my time each week. Always have a chuckle, and learn something new. Dropped a couple of kgs already. Thanks Honey. Xx

  6. On April 24, 2014 Antonetta said

    Just finished Lose A Dress Size in 4 weeks… and wow… dropped 6.4 kilos for Easter. Rocking my new LBD!

  7. On April 24, 2014 Alanna said

    Happy easter to you and all the team at Quick And Simple. Special thanks to Lisa for all her help over the last couple of months. Im loving my new body. I cant believe it is me… neither can my husband and kids.

    1. On May 9, 2014 Kaz said

      That comment just made my easter! – Kaz xx

  8. On April 25, 2014 Renita said

    Kaz? Did you say I can eat chocolate???

    1. On May 9, 2014 Kaz said

      Sure did Renita. Easter Sunday is on your dream day… eat up girl! Enjoy. Stay safe. Kaz xx

  9. On April 27, 2014 Maisie said

    Love Kaz Tv. Keep them coming.

  10. On April 28, 2014 Violette said

    You are such a dag Kaz. Lots of fun tho.

  11. On May 1, 2014 Kandis said

    Thanks Kaz xx

  12. On May 5, 2014 Jolyn said

    Happy easter Kaz. Do you actually eat chocolate? Luv Kaz Tv! Xx

    1. On May 9, 2014 Kaz said

      I certainly do… an probably one too many at that. Gotta enjoy Easter, I love watching the kids faces and just spending good quality family time together. Stay safe. Kaz xx

  13. On May 8, 2014 Violette said

    Easters not about chocolate and hot cross buns. Its all about spending time with your family, time with your kids. – Never a truer word said. Thanks Kaz. Keep it up, you keep me inspired.

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